Blade Sport - Pro Shredded 210g

Blade Sport - Pro Shredded 210g


Your Target To Be Terribly Huge, And Bony, Now It Becomes Reality!

You are going to the gym, to be muscular. You want to get the best out of your body.

You know well that the big size did not match with the bony muscle. Until now… This is that point where the BLADE PRO SHREDDED enters.

The BLADE PRO SHREDDED is the first Nitrogen-Oxid thermogenic fat burner of the world.

It stimulates a new muscle growth, hard maximal muscle pumps, meshy vascular network. It maximizes the strength and endurance. Maximum Power.

It peels off and burns body fat, it creates deep groove in the muscle. The BLADE PRO SHREDDED is the most perfect nutritional supplement for you to reach your final target, so to be huge and bony.

  • Extreme muscle growing
  • Pumps what makes doubling of muscle fibers
  • Wire-like veins
  • Preterhuman strength
  • Extreme energy
  • Maximal fatburning



With the injection of the nitrogen-oxid it swells the mucles with blood, displaces the water or the plasma from your circulatory system, it makes the changes of the plasma’s volume. On this way in your blood there will be a more concentrated fat burner matrix, which matrix is the most effective ever what has been developed now.

This fat burner matrix is not similar for any other ones. The BLADE PRO SHREDDED is in effect through on a various mechanism ignites the fat burning boiler. The most researched and clinically proven fat burning ingredients are the Boiprine, Cayenne pepper extract, Tyrosin is a small part of the BLADE PRO SHREDDED PUMP AND BURN equation. The nitrogen-oxid works as a catalyst and exponentiates the SHREDDED’s effect of fat burning. This thermogenic reaction initiates extrem fat burning, to emphasizes the different muscle groups and the vein. Pump and Burn with the BLADE PRO SHREDDED.

Mix 2 scoops (7g) of BLADE PRO SHREDDED® in 250ml of cold water and consume before training. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount!