Blade Sport - Magnesium Shot

Blade Sport - Magnesium Shot


Imagine that you are slepping after a hard leg workout like resistance training or cycling.

Suddenly your calves and hams feel like a monster just took a bite out of it. This is the good'ol muscle cramp.

It hurts so much you feel like crying out loud but your family sleeps next to you so you take it like a champ, without a nosie.

We had this feeling too. Several times. That is why we made the BLADE MAGNESIUM LIQUID SHOT.

It's liquid form allows your body to digest it in no time and to make it more potent our research team completed the formula with added B6 vitamin

Why should you take it?

Well magnesium is an essentail vitamin for us.It does help with muscle cramps but It has several more effects on the body.

For example magnesium deficiency can result in tremor, poor coordination , muscle spams, loss of apetite and several other symphtoms

Improve your health with the BLADE MAGNESIUM LIQUID SHOT!