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MP Protein Cookie

Product Overview   SOFT BAKED PROTEIN COOKIE The problem with traditional cookies is that they’re not the best for a healthy diet. That got us thinking…wouldn’t it be great if there was a...


MP Wreckage

PRODUCT OVERVIEW   5g L-CITRULLINE          2g CARNOSYN          300mg CAFFEINE          300mg VASO          100mg ALPHA GPC             ...


MP Multi-V Essentials 60 Tabs

PRODUCT OVERVIEW   MAXIMUM BENEFIT Immune support with minerals, vitamins & antioxidants* Supports metabolism with B-Vitamins* Designed for athletes at every level Helps support joint function* “Top multi vitamin supplement with the best nutritional benefits out there.*” Michael...


MP Assault Sport 345g

Key Features   •  Increased muscular endurance & strength*•  Intense, focused energy and improved energy expenditure*•  Delays muscle fatigue, fights muscle degradation*•  Restores ATP levels and mental alertness*•  Banned-substance tested•  No proprietary Blends   Directions For Assault: Mix one serving (1...

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MP Assault Black

Product Overview                                                                   Energy*               Strength*                         Pump*                      Focus* Supports Increased energy, focus, strength, and muscular pumps*   Assault Black's all-in-one pre-workout formula is loaded with the most advanced ingredients and built on...


MP Combat XL Mass Gainer

Product Overview   MusclePharm® Combat XL™ is a revolutionary weight gaining supplement formulated with dense, functional calories and essential nutrients partitioned precisely to create the perfect muscle building environment an athlete needs....

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MP Combat Protein

PRODUCT OVERVIEW PERFORMANCE BUILD MUSCLE NIGHTTIME PROTEIN SOURCE RECOVERY Combat 100% PROTEIN POWDER Is designed for individuals or athletes who want a high quality multiple protein source that "feeds" muscles over a longer period of time...

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MP Combat Bar

Product Overview   Only 5g Sugar 20 Grams of Protein Delicious Taste The best triple-layered “BAKED” protein bar on the market Combat Crunch bars are high protein, with low active carbs and tons of...


MP Shred Sport Thermogenic Complex-60's

Product Overview   MusclePharm® Shred Sport™ is the next generation of weight loss and energy that utilizes safe, effective, and researched ingredients to burn fat, provide intense energy and remarkable results.* This...